Agafay desert

Agafay desert

The Agafay Desert’s Luxury Stone Camps have become the go-to place for luxury glamping vacationers in Morocco. Agafay is surrounded by an arid. Yet spectacular rocky scenery like a lunar crater and is about an hour from Marrakech. The designated cultural capital of Africa 2020. Previously, travelers visiting Morocco put the Erg Chebbi and Erg Chigaga Sahara Desert Dunes on their bucket list. But with the rise of Agafay, the twelve-hour drive to the south is less appealing. Making luxury glamping in the Marrakech region the latest draw.

Agafay Desert Morocco Facts

The Agafay Desert is also well-known among Hollywood celebrities, Instagram influencers, honeymooners, couples looking for wedding venues. And groups seeking calm and tranquility. Many visitors come to Agafay to take advantage of the natural scenery for photoshoots. Madonna, the renowned Queen of Pop. Visited Marrakech multiple times in 2018 and spent her 60th birthday in the Agafay Desert.

Debi Mazar, an American actress, was one of her celebrity guests. They saw a Fantasia show, rode a camel through the desert, and indulged at the top of Kasbah Agafay Spa. Madonna praised “Wonderful Morocco” for hosting a new track named “Come Alive” in 2019. With Morocco on her thoughts, Madonna revealed “Come Alive was inspired by the music of North Africa. It’s named Gnaoua.” As a storyteller, she realized the significance of the Krabkeb, a centuries-old percussion instrument used in Gnaoua music.

Several paths are running between canyons, and gentle plains contrast with granite mounds. Aside from the luxurious desert sites and a glimpse of nomads and sheepherders in the distance, Agafay offers absolute tranquillity after dusk. Mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding, and camel trekking are all available in Agafay for those seeking adventure.

Agafay deluxe glamping is delightful, and those who indulge are bound to bask in the rose and saffron-colored sunsets, sip mint tea in a Berber tent, and camel trek across an ancient stone and sandy desert. Evenings in Agafay are always topped off with a classic multi-course 1001 Arabian night meal under the Moroccan skies.

The Top 4 Agafay Luxury Glamping Experiences all incorporate an Arabian Nights adventure with a Sunset Camel walk across the Agafay moon-like dunes.

So what if you don’t have the time to do this trip, or if you want to spend time in the desert but a Sahara excursion isn’t your cup of tea?
If you don’t have the time or willingness to make this lengthy journey, there are other desert trips available from Marrakech. The neighboring Agafay Desert, just outside Marrakech, is not well-known. While you won’t find golden, rolling dunes here (it’s a stone desert), you may have a quiet desert experience replete with a breathtaking vista of the High Atlas Mountains. It’s also close enough to Marrakech to be a day trip.

What can you do on this Marrakech day trip?

There are numerous options depending on the Agafay desert camp you choose. But one of the best things to do is to slow down and relax. Of course, this is a great site for your Marrakech camel ride (and trust me, it’s a lot more atmospheric than riding a camel in the city!) You may easily go trekking or arrange a supper with local families – yes, people do live out here!

You can also go horseback riding or quad bike riding, or bring some cards and board games to socialize with your travel mates. Some camps also provide hammam and/or massage services to visitors in specially prepared tents.

When the sun goes down, have a nice meal around a nearby bonfire while gazing at the sky. It won’t be as clear as in the Sahara because you can still see some of Marrakech’s lights, but it’s great for astronomy!

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