Desert Tours from Casablanca

Desert Tours from Casablanca is one of Morocco’s most beautiful and well-known cities. With a population of over 5 million people, it is the country’s economic capital and most populous city. It is a modern and unique city from which many tours to the desert started. Every day, the Moroccan capital develops to be one of Africa’s most important places. It’s a good city to visit if you want to see how the Western and Arab worlds interact culturally. In Casablanca, there are many tourist attractions you can explore. Hassan II Mosque is one of the famous attractions in the city. It is a large Mosque that overlooks the ocean.

Besides, the market is another attraction that you will undoubtedly enjoy. The central market is situated in the city’s heart. It is surrounded by buildings dating from the French colonial period. There many things to see in Casablanca, but you should also enjoy one of the tours we offer. It is the best experience to explore Morocco. Contact us for your Morocco tour.

Hassan 2 mosque:

This ornate mosque, built at great expense, is perched on an outcrop jutting out over the sea and features a 210m-tall tower that serves as a city landmark. It’s a demonstration of Moroccan artisanship at its finest, with hand-carved stone and wood, complex marble floors and inlay, gilded cedar ceilings, and gorgeous zellige (geometric mosaic tilework) throughout. It’s one of two Moroccan mosques that welcome non-Muslims; multilingual guided tours are available outside of prayer hours for modestly dressed guests. A modest museum showing the craftwork is also available.

It is one of Africa’s largest mosques, with a capacity of 105,000 worshipers — 25,000 inside and the rest outside in the courtyards. 

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