Desert Tours from Fes

Desert Tours from Fes is well-known for its ancient walled city, which has been compared to Jerusalem. The cultural and spiritual burden that has been placed on Fez is more than deserved because it has become an important seat of knowledge for most curious tourists seeking knowledge and learning. Its historical significance is notable with origins dating back to the eighth century. Besides, It is an excellent starting point for visiting Morocco and getting used to that organized chaos that seems very different from other cities. There are many things to see and do. For example, there are old Mosques, markets, and tanneries that are important suggestions. Yet, Fes offers more than that, especially if you plan a city tour around the city. Fes is a door to privacy another way of life and other habits. Contact us!

Fes El Bali:

Fes el Bali is Fes’s oldest district. it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is replete with monuments and ancient treasures strewn across the medina’s 9,500 lanes. The medina, surrounded by fortifications, is a vast medieval city that has altered little in 1000 years. The medina, which is still inhabited, is the most vibrant part of the city. Thousands of Fassis, or Fes residents, pass by donkeys loaded with products on their way to the souks every day. A magical setting fit for a thousand and one nights!

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