Dakhla in Morocco

Dakhla in Morocco

The city of Dakhla in Morocco is an excellent vacation spot. Located in Morocco’s Western Sahara, this amazing city is packed with fun things to do and see.

There’s something for everyone at Dakhla, from windsurfing to sandboarding to seeing dolphins. So, if you’re planning a vacation to Morocco, be sure to include Dakhla on your schedule – you won’t be sorry!

Regarding Dakhla in Morocco

Dakhla is located in Morocco’s southwestern region, which is today known as the Moroccan Sahara. For many years, this area has been a source of contention between the Moroccan government and a separatist group known as the Polisario Front. However, many foreign powers have recently recognized the Sahara as Moroccan territory.

This may sound like a conflict zone, and you may be hesitant to visit, but trust me when I say that Dakhla is a very safe place, and even if there is a long-standing dispute in the region, there has never been any hint of war or military disruption of citizens in this city.

I’m not going to go into detail on Dakhla’s political past in this post. I just hope to demonstrate that this wonderful city is well worth a visit.

I also feel that tourism in Dakhla and the region as a whole would be beneficial to all of the people who reside there. So, are you ready to meet Dakhla?

Is it safe to visit Dakhla in Morocco?

This is a frequently asked question among visitors to Dakhla, particularly foreign tourists. That’s why I want to expand on it a little bit in this piece.

My sister spent nearly a year in Dakhla. She never felt unsafe in any way, and she even encouraged us to do it.

Dakhla feels like any other Moroccan city, with the exception that it’s best to avoid specific areas and times (such as late at night) when going out. In addition, Morocco maintains a military presence in Dakhla to ensure the city’s safety.

Regarding the desert territories currently controlled by the Polisario, we have no idea whether they are safe or well-suited for tourism, but I assume they aren’t, so it’s best not to try to find out.

Stay in Moroccan-controlled territory when visiting Dakhla, and if you want to explore the Sahara desert, we recommend hiring a local guide who understands the area.

Things to Do in Dakhla, Morocco


Dakhla is a world-class kitesurfing venue. In recent years, the city has been able to establish itself as one of the most frequented cities for water activities, with over 100,000 tourists each year. Dakhla is now a tourist destination, yet its wild side remains obvious, making it a more unique and appealing site to visit.

Its beaches boast world-class waves and a great environment with more than 330 windy days each year, attracting surfers and water-sport enthusiasts. Dakhla features some of the best year-round windy Kite places that can compete with the best in the world.

The waves in the Dakhla lagoon, known as “Pointe de Dragon,” are tremendous, and the world’s most famous surfers have flocked in droves to experience these stunning, exhilarating, and exciting water sports.

This location is ideal for all skill levels, including beginners, intermediates, and professionals. If you are new to kitesurfing, you can take training taught by licensed and bilingual instructors at one of the several windsurfing clubs in the area.

You might have heard that the only thing to do in Dakhla is surf. That is entirely incorrect! For curious travelers, Dakhla can be a total change of environment and a unique travel experience. Here are my top things to do in town when you’re not windsurfing.

Visit the Dakhla town Souk.

Visit the town’s modest souk to pick up some Moroccan souvenirs. Melhfas is one of these keepsakes to bring home with you. Melhfa is a large piece of fabric, 4 meters in length, that Sahraoui women wrap around their bodies like a garment.
Another item to buy from the Souk is Sahrawi loose tea to make your Moroccan tea at home, as well as Sahrawi leather shoes.

Take daring desert tours.

Other than surfing, one of the best things to do in Dakhla is go on Desert tours. Imlili Oasis, Porto Rico Beach, White Dune, and Oyster Farm are among the desert attractions in Dakhla.

Imlil Oasis, for example, is one of Dakhla’s best-kept secrets. It is located in the Sahara and can only be reached by 4×4. This location is ideal for an evening break where you can swim in the oasis-covered pools.

To reach there, you must pass across the Sahara, which includes admiring the stunning and barren scenery.

Porto Rico is another place I urge you to visit. It’s a little fishing village with quiet beaches. You can swim, walk around, and explore the beach’s cliffs and rock formations.

Finally, you must dine at the restaurant on the Oyster farm. One of the greatest, if not the only, seafood restaurants in Dakhla. The farm is not far from the lagoon, and fresh oysters are not to be missed.

Consume Sahrawi tea.

Even if you are not a tea aficionado, you must witness the process of brewing tea in the Sahara. And because you’re traveling to Dakhla, this is a must! Making tea in the desert isn’t as quick as it is elsewhere.

It could take up to an hour before we take our first sip, and you’ll be astonished at how good it tastes! You will want to do this, believe me.

Explore the desert in a 4×4 vehicle.

Hire a 4×4 with a driver and explore the unspoiled desert and Dakhla’s environs. Go beyond the advised and let the strange nature take your breath away.

Take up golf.

You wouldn’t think of golf as something to do in Dakhla, would you? However, you can. The natural Rio de Oro golf facility is about 15 minutes from Dakhla. 34 hectares of natural lawn to relax on after a long day of golf.

The club is set in a stunning, one-of-a-kind landscape between the desert and the sea. The golf course is designed for players of all skill levels, from beginners to pros.

Take a Catamaran trip to Dragon Island.

I’m sure you’re wondering why this island is called Dragon Island. Were there Dragons in Dakhla? It’s amusing because I asked the same question when I first heard about it.

Its island in the center of a lagoon was given this name because of its dragon-like shape. Examine the image carefully! The dragon is sleeping soundly on its stomach.

When visiting Dakhla, a boat tour of the island is a necessity. A terrific method to not only appreciate the scenery of the island but also to have a good possibility of seeing some cute dolphins along the trip.

Where to Eat in Dakhla, Morocco

TalhaMar is one of Dakhla’s best restaurants. The restaurant specializes in seafood and is located on the seaside with beautiful views. There are many great seafood meals available at reasonable prices. You’ll probably have to drive or take a taxi there.

When is the best time to visit Dakhla Morocco?

The best time to visit Dakhla for kitesurfing is in October. During that time, the wind is usually at its best.

Also, the months of April through September, as well as July and August, have the biggest wind chance. So, if you can’t visit Dakhla in October, try one of these months instead.

In general, Dakhla is a year-round destination; even if you don’t get to kitesurf, you can still enjoy the sandy beaches and other water activities.

What to Bring to Dakhla, Morocco

When packing for a trip to Dakhla, Morocco, consider the weather and the time of year.

Summer clothing should be light and breathable. Pack long-sleeved shirts, long pants, and skirts or dresses to protect your skin from the sun. You also respect the country’s modest clothing rules by doing so.

As the weather cools in the evenings, a long wetsuit can be useful. If you travel during the cold months of the year, Dakhla will not be as chilly as other places in Morocco, but warm and comfortable clothing can assist, especially at night.

Dakhla, Morocco: Where to Stay

The beach is a one-minute walk away from Océan Vagabond Lassarga. The hotel offers a variety of cool accommodations, including rooms, tents, and wooden cabins. All options have a private bathroom, a patio, and, most significantly, a view of the beach.

Ocean Vagabond also has recreational areas for both children and adults, including table tennis, and the surrounding area is ideal for trekking.

There is free private parking and car rental for those who want to explore the city, which is about 11 kilometers from the city center.

The Dakhla Attitude

If you wish to stay by the beach, Dakhla Attitude Hotel is a great option. It has a BBQ and views of the sea. The hotel has a spa and a private beach area, and guests may enjoy surfing, swimming, and hiking in the surrounding area.

If you bring your children, they will appreciate it because it is a family-friendly hotel.

Dakhla Kite House

Kite House Dakhla Hotel is one of my favorites. If you wish to have a beach view from your accommodation, this is a nice and welcoming location to stay. Some rooms also include a seating area or a patio.

The accommodation offers automobile rental services.

Dar Rio Oro

Dar Rio Oro is a 5-minute walk from the town of Dakhla and features a terrace with sea views and Moroccan couches. Dar Rio Oro offers sea-view balconies in its guest rooms.

The hotel also includes a self-catering apartment with a balcony and a sea view, as well as a studio with a private patio. Both units contain a kitchen, a TV, and private bathrooms.

It is around two kilometers from Dakhla International Airport. An airport shuttle and car rental service are available upon request.

If you’re not sure where to go in Dakhla, the hotel also organizes excursions and guided tours of the city and its surroundings.

Dar Tawarta Dakhla

Dar Tawarta is by far the nicest location to unwind in Dakhla. The location is quite tranquil, full of greenery and homegrown food, away from the noise of the city center, a true oasis sort of stay! Dar Tawarta is right across the street from the beach; just a few minutes walk and you’ll be swimming.

The rooms are the hotel’s feature, with careful decorating that connects with Morocco’s heritage.

How to Get to Dakhla, Morocco

Dakhla is located 530 kilometers north of Laayoune and around 400 kilometers from the Mauritanian border. It’s hundreds of kilometers from everywhere.

Travel to Dakhla from North or East Morocco can be long and expensive. But it is worthwhile, and you should go at least once in your life. So, let’s see how we can go to Dakhla!

By Bus

Dakhla can be reached by land from either the north (Morocco) or the south (Tunisia) (Mauritania). Bus services, CTM, and Supratours operate between Dakhla and major Moroccan towns such as Casablanca and Marrakech. The ticket costs between $50 and $60, and the trip can be fairly long and exhausting (up to 24 hours).

I’ve heard that crossing the border from Mauritania is a fairly routine affair. I didn’t directly encounter it, but I don’t believe it would be a problem.

By Plane

For me, the best method to get to Dakhla is by plane. Dakhla may be reached via both international and domestic planes. There are regular Royal Air Maroc flights from Casablanca and Marrakech, and if you are traveling from another location in Morocco, you will most likely take a connecting flight to one of these cities.

International flights to Dakhla are also available from France, Germany, and, on occasion, the Canary Islands. Dakhla airport is roughly a 20-minute walk from the town center and about 5 minutes by car from everywhere in the city.

By Car

A two-day road trip to Dakhla is also conceivable if you are an avid driver and adventurous. However, you should keep in mind that the roads are not what you expect. Dakhla is a desert city where most of the streets are unpaved or do not exist at all.

Also, don’t rely only on your GPS for navigation because the connection may be intermittent. So, unless you consider yourself an adventure expert, I wouldn’t advocate taking a road trip to Dakhla.

How do you get about Dakhla, Morocco?

Dakhla is a small desert town where moving about is simple and quick, so you won’t get lost. You can easily stroll from the airport to the city center (about 20 minutes). If you wish to visit places on the city’s periphery, such as the lighthouse or the beach, you should take a taxi.

Taxis are plentiful in and around the city. You may have to wait a little while, but they are not difficult to find. The ride is frequently shared with other people because the driver picks up and drops off individuals along the way.

In town, you’ll pay roughly $1.5. You should discuss the price of a trip to the main windsurfing spots and the beach in advance.

Hiring a car or a 4×4 in Dakhla is not suggested unless you are a bold explorer. Dakhla features many empty crossroads and few vehicles on the road.


Dakhla is not your usual Moroccan vacation spot. That is precisely why you should consider visiting there. It’s great for aquatic sports. If you aren’t, Dakhla is the perfect place to learn. Dakhla, on the other hand, offers a traffic-free holiday with wonderful beaches and desert travel alternatives.

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