Morocco Honeymoon

Morocco Honeymoon

Morocco Honeymoon

Morocco is an exciting honeymoon destination since it is a land of contrasts. The Sahara has generated picture-book sand dunes, while lush green plains hardly imply being near the desert, the shores are graced with exquisite bathing beaches, and the cities ooze the mystique of the Arabian Nights – all against the backdrop of snow-capped mountain peaks.


If you decide to spend your honeymoon in Morocco, the extensive beaches will undoubtedly entice you. Fine sand stretches for 1835 kilometers along the Atlantic and Mediterranean beaches. Sometimes bordered by steep cliffs, sometimes by shallow slopes, and occasionally by isolated, scenic bays. In any case, the scene is varied and captivating.

Sun-seeking honeymooners will find a wonderful area for a beach holiday at the greatest level of well-being or a romantic setting for uninterrupted togetherness in Morocco all year round. The beach near El Jadida is popular and romantic for couples. There is additional soft sand at Agadir, Essaouira, Rabat, and between Centa and Tetouan, with the coastal stretch near Qualidia being one of the most spectacular in the country. Moroccan honeymooners will easily forget the stress of the previous days.

Recreation and Sports

A relaxing sailing adventure in the Mediterranean can nicely complement a beach break. Or how about a thrilling trip on the waves? The shore between Agadir and Essaouira is one of the world’s top surfing spots. There are schools all around that offer lessons for both beginners and professionals.

Southern Morocco no longer scores points for beach resorts or water activities, but it does so in a different, possibly more diverse way. A honeymoon in the south of Morocco is just as recommended as a calm beach holiday on the shores. As one travels north, the landscape changes with each kilometer: first desert, then large date palm oases in front of the white peaks of the Atlas, and eventually rich plateaus.

The country’s alpine-like mountain terrain, notably the wide plains of Marrakech, will be particularly enticing for calm hiking trips, while adventurous couples will conquer Morocco’s heights. The snow-capped summits of the Atlas Mountains, which rise beyond 4000 meters, are a true paradise for mountaineers, climbers, and trekkers. Imlil to Toubkal is accessible via a scenic path.


The foothills of the Sahara begin behind the giants of the Atlas, and there is no better way for newlyweds to explore them than on the back of a camel. Many journeys begin at Merzouga and travel through steppe-like plains to the sensuously curved, golden sand dunes of Erg Chebbi, where no sound disturbs the magnificent ambiance. It is an extraordinary experience to slowly and carefully open up Morocco on a honeymoon, accessing locations that are not accessible by bus or automobile.

City excursions

Morocco’s towns are also worth a visit, particularly the four royal cities of F├ęs, Meknes, Rabat, and, of course, the country’s name-giving city, Marrakech. Their medinas bear evidence to the Ottoman princes’ past wealth and resemble a visual sensory overload. There is something to see or find everywhere in the classic souks, the covered shopping streets – and above all, everything your heart desires. A beautiful flower magnificence unfolds when you open the gate to a backyard. The lanes in this city are short and narrow, romantically meandering and lavishly decorated with mosques, riads, and Koranic schools. Magnificent palaces and fortresses soar above, providing spectacular panoramic views of the city.

Tangier, Morocco’s white city on the Mediterranean, and Casablanca are slightly more modern. The latter is well-known not only because of the Hollywood film of the same name. The Hassan II Mosque, which is surrounded on three sides by water, is one of the few mosques that non-Muslims are permitted to attend, and it impresses with its imposing size. You absolutely must see it to appreciate how magnificent Morocco is.

Whether you want a relaxing beach holiday or an adventure journey into the desert, the honeymoon in Morocco will meet all of your dreams.

Looking for the ideal Moroccan honeymoon?

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