Kasbahs in Morocco

Kasbahs in Morocco

Morocco offers numerous outstanding ancient Kasbahs that are distinguished by their gorgeous beauty and history. They are the keepers of the kingdom’s historical relics. These Kasbahs in Morocco, historic walled castles with towering ramparts, continue to draw a large number of visitors and tourists.


Kasbahs are citadels located in the north of African cities. The chief’s house was designed to protect the chief. They were sometimes built on hilltops to be stronger and to guard against attack. The symbol of the city’s prosperity. They are excellent tourist destinations for learning about the intriguing and amazing history that surrounds them. The kasbahs will teach you about Moroccan history and culture. They are particularly common in the Atlas peaks, in the arid south, and along the seashore. There are many fascinating Kasbahs in Morocco, and we will mention the first ten Kasbahs in Morocco here.


This is Morocco’s most famous Kasbah, and it is protected by UNESCO. Many films have been made there, including Lawrence of Arabia, Jesus of Nazareth, the Prince of Persia, the Throne Games, and the Gladiator. You will never want to leave once you arrive.

How do I get there?

The best option is to travel to Marrakech and then take public transportation or rent a car to get there.

Where is it?

Located 30 kilometers northwest of Ouarzazate in the foothills of the Southern High Atlas Mountains. The most well-known kasbah in the Ounila Valley. Situated on the summit of a hill on the left side of the Ounila River, surrounded by desert.

The architecture and its description

It is one of the outstanding examples of ancient Moroccan architecture. It comprises community houses within defensive walls reinforced by corner towers and pierced by a chicane door. The houses within the defensive walls are stacked on top of one other. Some are simple, while others, with their corner towers and clay brick designs, resemble urban castles. The homes unearthed there were made of clay, mud, and other basic materials. The Story

Ben Haddou founded it in the 17th century. He is still buried behind this magnificent metropolis. The majority of its population had moved to more contemporary cities. It was also one of the trading stops on the road connecting Sudan and Marrakech. There are still people living in the houses, and you could talk to one of them. Their homes are clean and livable.


Where is it?

It is in the little community of Telouet. It is located in the High Atlas Mountains. Located on a road that connects Marrakech and Ouarzazate. Is 1800 meters above sea level.

How will you get there?

You can fly to Marrakech and then take a taxi or another mode of transportation.

The History of Kasbah Telouet

Beyond the establishment of this Kasbah, there is a fascinating history. The story begins in the hard winter of 1893 when Sultan Moulay Hassan was stranded there. Madani and T’Hami, two Glaoui brothers, looked after him and his army of 3,000 men. In exchange for their efforts, Moulay Hassan granted the two brothers political control in Morocco south of the High Atlas Mountains.

When the French arrived, they collaborated with them, so that the two brothers’ strength equaled that of the Sultan, and they are the creators of this famous Kasbah. This Kasbah was the site of French-Pasha Glaoui cooperation until 1953 when he was overthrown by the Moroccan independence movement.. There are a few eateries and basic yet well-equipped accommodations. There are also several excursions and visits to the nearby deserts.


Where is it? It is conveniently located near Ouarzazate in the city center. It is located on Mohamed V Street in Ouarzazate 45000.

The Kasbah’s History

It was built in the nineteenth century and reached its pinnacle of prominence in 1930 when Glaoui was at the pinnacle of his authority by assisting the French occupation. Despite its advantageous location on a major road, the Glaoui chiefs had never inhabited it. It had, however, been inhabited by the second tiers of El Glaoui’s expansion command, such as sons and cousins.

Its description and architecture

This Kasbah comprises 300 rooms, including a kitchen, a harem, and a reception area with French tiles. The royal chambers, with their spectacular cedar ceilings and carved and painted walls, will enchant you. One of the most intriguing details is that the staircase has an uneven step that was utilized as a defense against invaders who lost momentum trying to ascend the uneven steps. One of the local artists has a gallery upstairs. The beautiful, carved, and painted door is in Moorish, not Berber, style. Many films have been shot there. Each film was shot in Morocco and at the Kasbah of Taourirt.


Where is it?

Is located in the province of Ouarzazate, 8 kilometers west of the city of Ouarzazate. The Kasbah’s History It is a 19th-century stronghold. It belonged to the family of Thami El Glaoui, Pasha of Marrakech from 1912 to 1956.

The description of the fortification

The main entrance is just in front of the film museum. Many local guides tell the history of this Kasbah. The stairwells and corridors are tiny. Some are vintage, while others have been elegantly refurbished.


Where is it?

It is located in Rabat, at the mouth of the Bou Regreg on the Atlantic Ocean.

The Story

The Oudayas Kasbah was constructed during the time of the Almohad Caliphate in the 12th century. The Almohads destroyed the Almoravid dynasty’s Kasbah in Rabat after taking the city. They started rebuilding it. They added a palace and a mosque.


It features a large hotel with various amenities and is surrounded by numerous gardens. It was made using the Berber clay process, which is particularly environmentally friendly.

Where is it?

It is located near the entrance to the Ourika valley, on the crest of an Atlas peak. Only 35 minutes from Marrakech airport. It is surrounded by breathtaking natural scenery.


Where is it?

Toubkal National Park is 60 km from Marrakech. Near Jbel Toubkal. One of the most famous Kasbahs in Morocco, with meticulous decoration and architecture.

TAMNOUGALT Kasbah in Morocco

Every year in October, a religious and cultural event called Moussem Ellame is celebrated; several films have been made there. It is distinguished by the spectacular view of the Atlas Mountains and the surrounding gardens. It is a fascinating historical site to see.

Where is it?

It is located in the Atlas Mountains, in the Draa Valley, 95 kilometers south of Ouarzazate.

The narrative

16th-century building. Served as the Mezquita tribe’s administrative and residential Kasbah. It has Moorish, Berber, and Roman structures painted with natural colors.


Where is it?

It has a direct view of the Atlantic Ocean in the Medina of Essaouira, west of Marrakech.

The narrative

Theodore Cornut, a student of Vauban, designed the ladder in 1765. It can survive sea-based strikes. It offers a beautiful ocean view, and many people come here to rest and learn about the country’s history. Many sites will capture you as soon as you see them and make you wonder how the inhabitants of that time could have erected such a well-constructed fort.


Where is it?

Tangier is where it is. It’s in Dar el-former Makhzen’s palace. Has a great building and a charming aesthetic, and it provides a lot of historical information about the country in French.  Displays old Roman, Portuguese, Arab, and Moroccan artifacts and artworks. Inside is a beautiful garden. Many maps depict trade routes from several centuries ago. These kasbahs have been the main tourist draws all year. Have you ever been to one of them? If not, you should go to these Kasbahs and learn about their rich past.

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